Audio/Visual Requirements

  1. Computer Projector
    I travel with a laptop PC. It connects up to just about all relatively new computer projectors.
  2. One Cordless, Clip-on Microphone (Lapel), attached to the house sound system & one hand held (just in case).
  3. Adequate lighting to ensure that I can see my audience and that they can see me. If lighting is poor in the room a spotlight will help.
  4. Two Multipurpose Outlet Power Bars. (One power bar attached to the house power and located near the computer projector.)
  5. One Large Screen. This will be used in conjunction with the computer projector and will need to be of sufficient size for the venue.
  6. Room Set up. Please seat the people close to the speaker. If the room is rectangular or irregular shape, please have Bruce in the middle of the long side.

Contract Rider

  1. Full expenses including airfare (coach class), car rental or cab fair and hotel expenses.
  2. Hotel reservation that is quiet, clean, and in good condition with a shower, TV, room service, refrigerator in room, room service and an exercise room. Preferably in close proximity to speaking venue.
  3. The following food items available 90 minutes prior to his performance: A bottle of water, an apple, a banana, and raw almonds.
  4. If you choose to serve drinks or food Bruce must approve all items.

Promotional Photos