Bruce helps companies reduce employee sick days! 

The strength within any great company lie’s with its people. Developing and maintaining a healthy, energetic and vibrant workforce is the secret to success. Companies understand this and that’s why they hire Bruce- to deliver the message and tools that empower employees to take action and control over their health, fitness & wellbeing.

Bruce delivers the ultimate health & fitness keynote. Free from gimmicks and fad diet information, Bruce’s presentation is realistic, nutritionally sound and based on science and real world results. Bruce believes strongly in the axiom that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. His advice results in better performance in the workplace and lives of those who receive his message.

In his presentation, Bruce debunks many myths commonly believed to be true. Using stories and audience participation, Bruce reveals:

  • How to “think” your way thin- the 6 exercises you must do that have nothing to do with working out
  • How to measure your progress and why your doctor may not be telling you the whole truth
  • The best way to eat for maximum energy, health & fat loss
  • The 4 simple exercises that produce extraordinary results
  • How to flatten your stomach- without sit-ups!
  • Why traditional cardio is not the best exercise for fat loss
  • The one low fat food that leaves you feeling sick and tired
  • Why nutrition- not exercise- is the fastest way to lose deadly mid-section body fat
  • How to become and remain fit without  turning your life upside down
  • The best way to minimize the time you spend exercising while enjoying better results
  • Supplements- do you really need them?
  • The 2 most effective stress management techniques on the planet
  • The 100% true secret to all success!

Bruce guarantees that participants will walk away with tips, strategies and information that can be implemented immediately and will produce dramatic improvements fast. This program is a proven winner and has received overwhelming praise from audiences from coast to coast and is guaranteed to leave you and your company thinking differently and taking action.